Our Affiliates

We are delighted to promote local small businesses run by our students & parents who support the continued growth of our school.

FASHION ACCESSORIES       VIVAHCITY   |   Website: www.vivahcity.com   |   Email: info@vivahcity.com
We specialise in designer and custom made Bindi’s, Body Tattoos, Vivah Bags, Pashminas and Earrings. For all your fashion accessories, think VIVAHCITY. 
GIFTS       THINK FAVOURS   |   Website: www.thinkfavours.co.uk   |   Email: contact@thinkfavours.co.uk
Think Favours is one of the UKs Premier Giftware provider with items ranging from Personalised Gifts, Wedding Accessories and Baby Shower Giftware.
MALE GROOMING       18 FOURTEEN   |   Website: www.18fourteen.co.uk   |   Email: info@18fourteen.co.uk
18 Fourteen is a specialist Male Grooming Salon based in London that provides the highest quality grooming and relaxation treatments exclusively for men.
PHOTOGRAPHY       MOSOCA PHOTOGRAPHY   |   Website: www.MOSOCA.co.uk   |   Email: info@mosoca.co.uk
Mosoca Photography is Photography by Sohail Chaudhry, an individual with passion for photography and passion to help others with photography needs.
WEB DESIGN       BULLSEYE WEBSITES   |   Website: www.bullseyewebsites.co.uk
Bullseye Websites is a UK-based website development and design company. We serve the ever-growing need for creative, aesthetic and affordable web design.