Testimonials from our students & parents of junior students…


 Mr Diven Hirani (Adult class student/instructor)

I started training at Harrow Choi Kwang Do in September 2015 having found out about the school through a relative who was an existing student.

I chose this school because it was nearby and the referral from my relative. I went on to do the trial sessions offered and found both the instructors and students were very friendly from the moment I entered the venue. I also thought the teaching style and structure of classes was great, which eventually led to me join the school and go on to train regularly.

I had trained martial arts when I was younger but stopped after a few years. However, I’ve always had an interest to return to training and earn my very own black belt which meant I would have deeper knowledge of techniques and the opportunity to learn new ones. I also experimented with a few arts, moving from Japanese to Korean martial arts.

Having recently attained my Black Belt I am looking to persue my other goals within the school such as becoming a Chief Instructor which is a natural progression from my current role as an Assistant Instructor.

The lessons at he school have been great and I have seen many changes in myself since I started training at the school such as improved fitness, coordination and confidence. 

The school is very professional in terms of the way it is run. We have a great instructor team all of which are extremely helpful and friendly. The school location is good and is easy to get to from surrounding areas such as Kenton Wembley and Kingsbury. Facilities are clean and spacious.

We also have a number of student support services such as the student manual and syllabus guide which are given out when you join the school. Additionally, the YouTube channel allows students to use videos at home to help work through their syllabus.

Lots of good communications channels too including, phone/text, email, social media and newsletters.

 Mrs Hema Bhanderi (Parent to daughter currently training in adult class)

My son and daughter both joined the school some seven years ago. My son has since stopped due to studies after getting his black belt however my daughter still trains and has recently been promoted to Second Dan. Her current goal is to continue training and go for her Third Dan as well as join the assistant instructor team. She is now in a position to do this having switched to training with the adult class at the start of this year.

We found the school following a referral from a friend and chose the school very much down to the referral and the positive feedback from the kids after their trial classes.

We were looking for both kids to improve their self confidence and discipline while in some way still having fun. My daughter loves the classes and is eager to train twice weekly but her studies just doesn’t allow for it at present.

The ethos of the school stands out for me. By this I mean building the backbone for my child to succeed in their future by starting with the basics and building up their confidence and skills slowly but steadily. The instructors are a credit to the school, they are always enthusiastic and have a very positive attitude. There is continual feedback from the instructors on how my daughter is doing and she makes good use of the syllabus guide and YouTube videos.

From a communication perspective, the website, texts and emails recieved are very clear, informative and ontime for any changes to the schedule.

 Mr Roshan Bhuwa (Adult class student/instructor & parent of training student)

I have been training at Harrow Choi Kwang Do School for over 15 years in the adult class. Starting my training in 2004 with hardly any martial arts experience, I was a little nervous to start with, 15 years later and now as a second degree black belt, I can honestly say I would never have got to where I was without the great teaching of the school instructor team that have helped me along the way.

I can say that learning martial arts has helped to keep me in good shape, it has helped to keep my core strong and stay in good health overall. Lessons are challenging and you will certainly feel your cardio and strength improve, in addition lessons are varied with content which keeps the learning fun.

All the instructors and students at the school are extremely friendly so if you are a little nervous starting on your own, I can assure you that you will fit in straight away and make great friends in the process.

Communication comes in the from of monthly texts, emails and newsletters so you are always kept informed of all news and events. The venue is nice, clean and spacious, there are well maintained changing rooms and plentiful parking.

Overall, HarrowCKD has been a positive influence on my life, I hope to continue training at HarrowCKD for as long as possible. This should be easier now I have my eldest daughter training, I hope she can gain all the positives from the martial arts in the same way I did, aspects such as confidence, self-belief and determination, all traits which studying the martial art helped instill in me. I plan to also enroll my youngest daughter once she is old enough, this alone is testament of how good training at this school is.

Thank you to everyone at HarrowCKD for making my martial arts journey a very enjoyable one.

 Mrs Nimi Siyani (Parent to twin boys training at the school)

My twins boys joined the school a few years ago and are enjoying the classes very much. The boys have progressed at different rates with one having recently joined the leadership team and the other hoping to soon join him.

Before joining the school we did do some research and visited a number of schools, we preffered HarrowCKD in comparison. Our main reasoning being that that decision was that we found the school to be proffesional, friendly and clean.

We chose martial arts because we wanted the boys to learn some form of self defence, become more disciplined and also keep fit. On review we have found the boys do thoroughly enjoy training and the boys have improved their coordination.

The instructor team is friendly, fun and when needed strict. The venue is in a good central location and the hall is very clean and spacious. We are also very appreciative of the manuals and the YouTube videos which are available and allow the boys to practice at home.

The administration for the school is very good, the email/text reminders for classes/testing and changes are great ensuring we can never miss anything. The social media (Facebook) posts are informative and fun too.

 Mrs Anita Kerai (Parent of two junior students)

My son and daughter have been training at Harrow Choi Kwang Do since 2012 and are currently in the Leadership class. We found the school via a Google Search and booked to visit the school because of it’s convenient location.

We were initially looking for something to build my son’s confidence due to issues he was having at school. In addition to this we thought it would teach him discipline whilst getting exercise. Having seen the changes in our son we were more than happy to enrol our daughter when she was old enough to begin training and join the school. Our primary focus was for them both to learn self defence skills as well and build confidence.

The classes are extremely good. It’s not too rigid like other martial arts classes and the kids enjoy coming to them. We have seen many changes since they joined including better coordination, confidence, discipline, attitude, fitness, flexibility and focus.

The instructors make the kids very comfortable, they are very helpful and reassuring. The kids always feel comfortable when working with any of the instructors.

Finally, we find the school to be very professional, the communication is always good and parents are always informed about the any changes or events.

 Mr Jay Metha (Parent of student training in adult class, previously children’s class)

I wanted my son to do some form of exercise to get fit and do something away from the TV & electronic gadgets. We agreed on martial arts and saw a poster advertising Choi Kwang Do at Claremont  High School and signed him up back in 2013. In the 5 years he has been training, he has progressed through to Black Belt which we are very proud of. Although I was initially concerned that he would not understand the instructions from the trainers, the classes are split into kids and adult sessions and the teaching is thoughtfully structured accordingly.

The initial goal was just to get to a Black Belt and to improve his fitness, but once he started, we realised it’s so much more than that. After moving up the belts and into the adult classes, there are excellent developmental opportunities such as helping with teaching via the Assistant Instructor Programme, learning First Aid, training with visiting students from other schools and the chance to meet and train withe the Grandmaster, the founder of the martial art.

The training is challenging, but that’s exactly how it should be so that each time my son moved up, he felt that he earned his new rank through his own efforts. From this hard work, I have noticed that he has become fitter, disciplined and more aware of how to deal with issues that would have phased him normally. Choi Kwang Do is an excellent way to help with boosting confidence, developing a positive attitude, showing respect to others, improving concentration and becoming mentally stronger. This won’t all occur straight away, but with regular training and a willingness  to take part in the martial art, it will definitely happen.

All the instructors are very good with teaching children and adults and I’m very impressed with the level of professionalism. Master Lad in particular is very approachable and has over 20 years of experience. His team (all DBS checked) are very friendly and dedicated and they welcome all students to become part of the Choi Kwang Do family. Master Lad is a very proactive tutor and mentor. He always celebrates his teams successes and this is seen by the commitment his trainers give back to him and the sport.

A particular help to my son are the YouTube training videos that the school has uploaded for students. They are a brilliant training resource and very well made. The HarrowCKD.com website and Newsletter are very good too. Everything you need to know about the sport, the ethos of the school, the grading system, the training resources, the team and venue/times are all there.

I would genuinely recommend this school to any prospective students & parents of students.