Adult & Teenagers Class

Age Group: 13yrs+

At Harrow Choi Kwang Do we treat every student as an individual. Everybody is accepted for who they are, regardless of race, sex, creed or disability. Our basic premise is that we all share a common goal: SELF IMPROVEMENT.

Our goal is to help every student develop to his or her fullest potential. We look to motivate, train and support our students to defend themselves against an actual physical attack and to better cope with realistic situations of conflict.

Comparing progress and performances against other students promotes an element of competitiveness and causes unnecessary stress. Students should devote their time more to training for themselves and enjoying their training.

Our Adult Classes offer a friendly atmosphere where we work hard with the help and support of those around us.

Each class is designed to offer both variety and quality instruction with some of the areas covered including:

  • Yoga based stretching
  • Punching, kicking, striking and blocking techniques
  • Choi Kwang Do patterns and speed drills
  • Defence drills with protective wear
  • Close range drills incorporating, grabs, restraints and throws
  • Shield & mitt drills to demonstrate accuracy and force
  • Circuit training drills