Belt System

The Choi Kwang Do belt rank system has been developed to demonstrate progressive levels of seniority and proficiency in the skills of Choi Kwang Do.


All beginners start at White belt and progress through the syllabus through a sequence of coloured belts towards the rank of Il Dan, 1st Degree Black Belt. Depending on how hard you work and the frequency of your training, you can expect to reach Black Belt within a 3 to 5 year timeframe.


The syllabus is designed to ensure students can focus on different blocking, kicking and punching techniques as they progress. Each belt level focuses on different techniques which are then applied in patterns (katas), semi-contact sparing drills and shield work.


As an art, Choi Kwang Do continues to evolve. As new information on health, fitness and improved training methods are discovered and developed, they may be formally integrated to the Choi Kwang Do training system.


The syllabus does not end at 1st Degree Black Belt. It continues from 1st to 9th Degree Black Belt where 5th denotes a Master status and 8th and 9th Degree denotes a Grandmaster status.