Childrens Class

Age Group: 5yrs – 12yrs (Beginners Class)

The goal of any Martial Arts Instructor is to train children to defend themselves and better prepare them to cope with the pressures and problems of growing up. This means confidence in their ability to defend themselves, confidence in setting realistic goals and confidence in the decisions they make in order to achieve the goals they have set. Confidence is fundamental in the development of leadership.

Within the class, Instructors are trained to motivate the children through positive encouragement towards better standards of technique, attitude and behaviour. By learning self-discipline and self-control, martial arts students are able to motivate themselves to act appropriately both inside and outside of class.

In keeping with Choi Kwang Do’s basic philosophy, all junior students are taught to resolve conflicts relying on diplomacy and good manners rather than physical violence.

Students are also taught and constantly reminded that skills imparted to them can be very dangerous and are only to be used for self-defence, and only then as a last resort.

Examples of situations are frequently given within the class in order to help all the children better understand how to effectively deal with different situations they may encounter at school or in the neighbourhood.