Leadership Class

Age Group: 7yrs – 12yrs (Orange Belt & Above)

The Leadership Programme is a specialised training programme for our younger students. Entry into the programme is reserved for senior belt ranks who demonstrate the enthusiasm and energy to take on further responsibilities in addition to their regular martial arts training.

Once on the programme the students are tutored and given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills. We look to draw the best from each student. Our overall goal is to instil a positive mental attitude, cultivate a willingness to help, increase their overall confidence with public speaking and become a leader instead of a follower.

The traits of confidence, respect, co-operation, and leadership are developed and reinforced through constant discipline and encouragement from both parents and Instructors.

Leadership training is important in teaching the student to realize his or her own self-worth and unique role within a group. The student learns that leadership must go hand in hand with respect and the ability to co-operate with others. This means respect not only for their senior and fellow students in the Dojahng, but also respect for their parents, their teachers, their country, and themselves.

All students on our Leadership Programme are entitled to wear a Leadership Uniform and attend Leadership Classes which provides new challenges and experiences for those that attend.