Virtual Training


Children’s Virtual Training (Ages: 5-12)

Keeping children fit and healthy can be challenging at the best of times, more so when circumstances don’t allow them to attend physical classes.

Transform that screen your child has to exercise, stay fit, stay healthy, boost their immune system and avoid weight gain. 

We are committed to offering children the opportunity to train from home with live instructor led online training and an Student Portal with access to our full curriculum and video library.

Teenagers & Adults Virtual Training (Ages: 13+)

When you’re stuck at home, build strength and flexibility with an instructor led martial arts class. When you can’t get to a physical class, it’s important to exercise in some way. A good workout strengthens your body and mind, giving you the ability to cope with stress even when life is challenging.

Virtual martial arts classes offer a body-mind experience that can’t be duplicated anywhere else. 

Coupled with access to our Student Portal giving full access to our full curriculum and video library we have equipped our students with the tools needed to be successful in their martial arts journey.

What kind of equipment do I need to attend online classes?
In order to attend our online classes you’ll just need an internet connection  and a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile with the capability to run the Zoom Video Conferencing application.

Do virtual martial arts classes offer the same benefits as in-person classes?
Yes, with the exception that virtual classes don’t have the same social dynamic that in-person classes give. However, they provide the same physical and mental benefits as our regular martial arts classes.

Do I need any special equipment to take part in a virtual martial arts class?
To begin with all you need is loose workout clothing. You may want a floor mat (similar to a  yoga mat) as well, but it’s not essential. When you join we will be able to provide a martial arts uniform for you to wear.

How can I be sure I’m training and working out properly?
Our instructors will provide the detailed instructions and demonstrations during the live class. You will be able to follow their instructions and ask questions at any point if needed. We will also be given regular feedback on your progression and guidance to ensure you are mastering each skill.

Register for our Online Classes

All new students are offered TWO WEEKS OF FREE ONLINE TRAINING.

Your first class will be an introduction to Choi Kwang Do and will equip you with the basics you need to take part in ongoing regular classes, this session will  led by one of the senior members from our Instructor Team.

The introductory session will be followed by a regular class where you will have an opportunity to use what you have learnt and experience the full benefits of an online session.