Women’s Self Defence Workshops

We are very proud to run periodic Women’s Self Defence Workshops for the local community.

Our interactive workshops introduce basic practical self defence techniques to better protect an individual from a potentially dangerous situations.

During the workshop attendees practice strikes, kicks and footwork to help gain a better understanding of personal self defence. We also cover situational awareness and how to avoid potentially dangerous encounters.

* Introduction & Purpose
* Awareness & Prevention
* Verbal Parries
* Footwork, Movement & Blocking
* Targets, Basic Punches, Strikes & Kicks
* Explosive Physical Responses
* Wrist Grab Escapes
* Choke Hold Escapes
* Bear Hug Escapes
* Improvised Weapons
* Q & A Session

October 2018 Workshop
April 2018 Workshop
October 2017 Workshop
July 2017 Women's Self Defence Workshop
July 2017 Workshop
April 2017 Women's Self Defence Workshop
April 2017 Workshop

For more information about our Women’s Self Defence Workshops and to register for further about future workshops please visit : www.HarrowWomensSelfDefence.com